Our Family Business


If you're reading this, you have likely shopped at Dulaney Plaza at least once in the last 60 years. Or maybe you came to work  in one of the offices above our retail stores. (Although we're sure you found yourself getting a coffee, a slice, a haircut or all of the above at some point if you did). Over the years we've tried to provide you and the greater Towson community with a friendly environment to shop, to work, to take care of errands but also enjoy the experience. We've added new services, new stores, new bushes and even new faces, but one face had been there every single day since our family first purchased the land in the 1950's.

Robert Taubman, known to many as Bobby, passed away in November 2017 at the age of ninety-eight. And as recently as August 2017 he was still coming in to the center every single day. He'd check his mail, say hi to office staff, have lunch at Razorback's and head home for the day (likely after a nap). But his presence was a part of the shopping center since he first built an automotive store with his brothers after buying the land in 1958. Soon they started selling toys and every few years would add another building for new stores. Eventually they even had to buy more land to accompany Jos. A. Banks in the back building.

Soon his son, Larry, would take over day to day operations and grow the business to what you know today. Adding such retailers as Starbucks, LOFT, Ann Taylor, The Fresh Market and most recently, Race Pace Bicycles. But throughout it all, Bobby still came to work each day to be part of the bustling shopping community he helped build before there even was a beltway!

In 2017, Larry's daughter and Bobby's grand-daughter began working at the center as well, marking a third generation of Taubmans to help the company. While their time working together lasted just a few months (enough for at least one photo - above!) the symbolism is undeniable and we hope to be able to continue living up to the values as we serve the Towson and Greater Baltimore community.